Thursday, January 07, 2010

No Jersey

It has been a year into President Obama's neighborhood and we are running backwards on progressive issues and, especially, on glbt issues.

Gay marriage was defeated in the New Jersey Senate 20-14, with 5 brave Senators choosing not to vote.

Please note that 6 Democrats voted against gay marriage and 3 did not vote. They are our enemies. 2 Republicans voted in favor of gay marriage. There is a reason I am no longer voting the party line and am now an Independent.

Here is a link to the roll call vote.

There is now going to be a Republican Governor, who has vowed to veto any gay marriage legislation that would come before him. We cannot get a simple majority, even when Democrats are in how can we expect to override a veto?

The focus is now turning to the courts.

There needs to be some serious strategizing and planning going on. Now.

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