Friday, January 01, 2010

New Hampshire Gay Newlyweds Usher In New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

Starting off the new year on my blog with some positive marriage is now legal in New Hampshire.

I thought it was rather cool that USA Today had a story today titled, "New Year's newlywed gay kiss may be sign of 2010." The kiss (pictured above) was between 1 of 15 couples that had their marriage made legal at the capital statehouse in Concord, just after midnight.

Legal on the state level, that is. There are still no federal protections in place. Further, DOMA means other states have the discretion of invalidating the legality of their union, should they move.

Local Coverage To Check Out

Below, I am providing links to 3 state papers. Don't just check out the articles, but read the forum comments, as well. You have the option of registering, and adding your own thoughts to the mix. Please do.

Nashua, New Hampshire, had nice coverage from the local paper, on a local couple's wedding, complete with photo. Click here to read.

The Concord Monitor, while not affording it prime story status, did have a good piece here.

The notoriously conservative Manchester Union-Leader had very short, cursory coverage here.

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