Thursday, January 07, 2010

Most Absurd Gay Comparison...Ever

I was reading an article in the Ugandan daily, The Monitor, this morning. The article, titled "Foreign press hits Uganda over gays," was a fairly straightforward account of international condemnation of Uganda's proposed new anti-gay legislation. The piece referred to the NY Times editorial condemning Uganda, as well as the governmental response, dismissing the critics.

However, what really caught my eye was the only comment that was printed (as of this post, at any rate). It contains the most outrageous gay comparison I have seen, thus far. From a reader named Pembe01:

I am willing to take a pay cut to accommodate the foreign aid we may lose.Someone please remind the West that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other allies of theirs reject homosexuality. Do they hold Uganda to a higher moral standard? If homosexuality is a right, why not cannibalism. I should be able to decide what I eat, right?
Gays are being equated with cannibals?

Well, if we are talking about glbt politics in America I can understand the comparison.

But seriously, this country suffered Idi Amin...and they still have a multitude of citizens, like this poster, who just do not understand the concept of treating others with simple human decency.

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