Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Rachel Maddow Ties Ex-Gay Movement To Ugandan Legislation To Execute Gays

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There is an abhorrent move afoot in Uganda that would go so far as to execute people for being gay and incarcerate those who refuse to report the gayness of others.

On Tuesday, Rachel Maddow devoted quite a bit of time to the issue, including linking politicians such as Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley to the legislation, as well as pastor Rick Warren and ex-gay opportunist Richard Cohen.

Maddow's interview with Cohen is a must-see. It is a lengthy piece, but well worth your time.

I also recommend you go to her site here and select the video segments entitled "the story behind 'curing' gays" and "no comment from Grassley on anti-gay bill."

At her site you will receive more links and info about this story. I will be covering Uganda, and that disgusting legislation, in a separate, future blogpost.

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