Friday, December 04, 2009

New Jersey May Vote On Gay Marriage Next Week

According to a report at, a New Jersey Senate committee will consider a gay marriage proposal on Monday, with the possibility that the full chamber will vote on it by the end of the week. If this vote then gets passed, gay marriage in the Garden State could happen by Christmas.

This is important to do now, since the New Jersey governor-elect, Republican Chris Christie, has vowed to veto any gay marriage legislation on his watch.

Meanwhile, the 'Daily Intel' column at New York magazine's online site had interesting speculation on why the New Jersey bill might be enjoying a new life:
How would a huge defeat for same-sex marriage on Wednesday create momentum for the bill's prospects, and not against them? Maybe it's the irresistible opportunity to show New York what a progressive Northeast state with balls looks like.

Meanwhile, TPM is reporting an assessment by Steve Goldstein, executive director of Garden State Equality:
"We're counting votes. We're not there yet in one of the houses but things have changed dramatically in the last 48 hours where the momentum has shifted our way," Goldstein said.

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