Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm Deserting The Dem Party that Deserted Us

Word today that Democrats are not even going to expand Medicare, because Rahm Emanuel allegedly pressured Harry Reid to accede to Lieberman's demands, is the final straw.

The New York Times and other outlets are reporting this concession to Joe Lieberman. Lieberman, he of the insurance company blood money, had actually endorsed such a strategy with Medicare, 3 months ago. But now, this grandstanding publicity hound is relishing making Dems twist in the wind,

Problem is, Lieberman has the tacit endorsement of the White House. Obama has done no behind-the-scenes lobbying...no arm-twisting, except in the case of Emanuel reading the riot act to Reid that the Senate Majority leader needed to kiss Lieberman's lying ass.

This is the bill Obama wanted. As was the defeat of the drug re-importation bill. What a sell-out that was.

It's over. Obama has fully morphed into a ruling moderate Republican...on glbt issues...on Afghanistan...on health care reform...on placating big pharma...the list goes on and on.

The man has lost his base. I can't think of many former Obama supporters who plan on actively supporting him, going forward. I no longer trust or believe his flowery rhetoric, because he never follows it up with action.

I will be working on my own plan for 2010. Identify progressives and challenge the Blue Cross Dems in the primaries. If the incumbent still manages to win, check the social record of the GOP opponent. In certain districts (NY 23rd) it is worth voting for an enlightened Republican over a Dem. Too many Dems vote like Republicans anyway.

What Obama and the Democrats have shown us is that the majorty means nothing when you stand for nothing. I get the distinct impression that Barack Obama is quite enamored with himself and likes to listen to himself speak, but his actions NEVER match his lofty words. The man has proven to be an empty suit.

I will say this, with the fiasco about to begin in Afghanistan and insurance companies about to get a major windfall by forcing more people to now face their draconian rates and policies, the GOP has an excellent chance of taking back at least one of the houses of Congress in 2010.

Maybe Obama and the Democrats will grow a set by then, but by then it will be too late to accomplish anything.

Recently, Obama graded his performance, thus far. Stupefyingly, he gave himself a B+.

He had the B partially right. My grade for him is BS. Mirror that grade for the House. As for the Senate, an F will suffice.

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