Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Pope Praises Uganda, Ignores Anti-Gay Bill

Pope Benedict XVI recently sent a commendation to the Vatican's Ugandan envoy that completely ignored impending anti-gay legislation.

At an audience with Francis K. Butagira, the new ambassador from Uganda to the Holy See, the Pope had this to say:
Diplomatic relations between the Holy See and the Republic of Uganda continue to offer many opportunities for mutual assistance and cooperation for the spiritual good and welfare of the people of your nation. Likewise the climate of freedom and respect in your nation towards the Catholic Church has allowed her to be faithful to her proper mission. The fruits of cooperation between the Church and the State, especially in areas related to development, education and healthcare, are widely recognized. Indeed, such a solid foundation should promote personal integrity, justice and fairness in local communities and hope for the whole nation, both among those who govern and among the general population, and should be an important factor in stability and growth.

It was not as if the Pope was painting a rosy picture, because he writes the following:
The campaign of violence in the north of the country has devastated large areas. The tragedy for the local populations is clear for all to see. Some have had their childhood shattered and have been forced to commit deplorable crimes; there has been extensive destruction of property; widows and orphans are living in dire poverty; and many displaced persons are still unable or afraid to return to their villages and fields. It is understood that this situation has improved to some extent and I hope that the lack of security will finally be replaced by a stable peace and prosperity for the sorely tried people of the area.

Now check out the next passage and see what is left out:
It is only through the establishment of justice, reconciliation and solidarity that true and lasting peace and stability can be achieved. I assure Your Excellency that Ugandan Catholics, in living the values of the Gospel, wish to serve their fellow men and women in the promotion of deep-rooted reconciliation and peace. The Church will also continue to work for justice for all, accompanied by the fervent prayer that such a precious gift may become a reality for all citizens, without regard for ethnicity, region or creed.

You'll notice that 'sexual orientation' was not a consideration.

The Catholic Church has a history of treating pedophilia by priests as something that could easily be ignored and made invisible.

Now they are doing the same, when it comes to the oppression of gays, lesbians and the transgendered.

Is anyone truly surprised?

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