Sunday, May 09, 2010

Hate E-Mail From Uganda

First of all, my apology for the long drought between postings. I have a lot of change going on in my life, including the fact that I will be moving next month. I needed to attend to other things. I am hoping to be posting more regularly.

Recently I received correspondence that I find very disturbing. It is serious enough that I plan to share it with certain leaders of the glbt community that I think need to see it. There are other options I am considering as well. I found this very troubling, as it hints at a genocide of our brethren in Africa.

I am not going to post the e-mail address of the author, or his name. However, I will pass it along to those who need to know.

This was written to me because the author obviously saw my postings of support on the GayUganda website.

The e-mail speaks for itself: All spelling errors have been left in.


You are the kind of people I wish we could lay our hands on in Uganda.
Luckily enough for you ,you are out of reach!
I read your post on some website encouraging gays in Uganda to go on practiscing their crazy and dehumanising ways and much as I was angered,I have decided to keep calm since we have a solution to the gay problem in Uganda that we are quietly working on.
We have a number of formwer gays who are collaborating with us to see to it that we cleanse our land of the stain that is Gays and lesbians and the like-transgender!

We have already taken a few of them out of action but this is just early days for us as we continue to trail more of them.

So you can continue encouraging them from the safety of wherever you are but you should know that we are also preparing ourselves and we shall deal them a decisive blow little by little and before long,our beloved country will be free of those who go against nature.

Warn them all because many of them have already heard from us already and some of them have experienced what we are capable of!

Anti Homosexual Coalition

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