Monday, February 22, 2010

Stopping Gay Marriage Not A CPAC Priority

The CPAC convention has produced some interesting results.

While the news media is generally reporting that the biggest news from the convention was that Ron Paul is the CPAC-ers #1 choice for president, the conservative blog Hot Air has an even more interesting tidbit.

Apparently stopping gay marriage is not a top priority. In fact, it is right there at the bottom, along with not wanting to reduce health care costs (there is a bizarre correlation in that, somewhere, I'm sure).

Click on the above picture for a larger (and clearer) view.

Thanks to Joe. My. God. for highlighting this.


HOTROD said...

The most interesting CPAC moment was the booing of Ryan Sorba while he bashed the GOProud organization.

lelio risen said...

Thanks for that interesting piece of news.

It is nice to see some less Neanderthalic behavior from conservatives.

Now, if we can only get the dreaded Blue Cross Dems on board!